Reusable Sanitary Pads

How do reusable sanitary pads work?

Our washable cloth pads are a soft and natural menstrual protection that allows your intimate area to breathe and creates a fresh feeling during your period. They are thin, flexible, and stay securely in place, which provides a sense of security. Read our guide on how reusable sanitary pads work here!

How do I wash my sanitary pads?

It might seem complicated to wash sanitary pads, but we promise, it's easy! Read our washing instructions and tips for how to wash your sanitary pads.

I've heard about ice packs, that it can be comfortable after childbirth. Do I just put a pad in the freezer, or should it be prepared in any way?

We have gathered questions from our customers about the postpartum period focusing on postpartum bleeding and menstruation. Here, midwife Ebba answers everything you've wondered about!