About us

At Imse, we believe in making sustainable consumption the norm, not the exception. Together with our sister brand, Vimse, we offer functional and reusable hygiene products for women and children. Our mission goes beyond providing products; we aim to foster greater openness and knowledge about menstruation and incontinence.

The idea for Imse and Vimse was born from a real need. Our founder, Marie Walleberg, discovered that cotton cloth diapers were the solution to her child's diaper rash. Inspired by this insight, she wanted to share it with others, leading to the creation of Vimse. Over time, we expanded our range to include reusable menstrual products, beauty, and cleaning items, forming what is now Imse.

We know that many people choose disposable products without considering that there are alternatives with economic, health, and environmental benefits. We aim to change that mindset by offering reusable hygiene products. Our commitment is to develop products that are gentle on the skin, environmentally friendly, and aesthetically pleasing.

At Imse, we focus on functionality and comfort, challenging the industry's reliance on short-lived disposable products. Our reusable hygiene products are designed with a deep understanding of the female body and its needs. Join us in our mission to make sustainable consumption a standard practice for everyone.

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