Biocides, nanosilver and antibacterial treatment

Since 1988, Imse has focused on providing hygiene products that are gentle on both people and the environment. We believe it is essential to be aware of what is in the products we use every day. Many products on the market are advertised as antibacterial due to treatment with biocides. Biocides are pesticides that can kill living organisms and are used to reduce bacterial growth. However, these substances often wash out after the first few washes and can be released into the environment through the wastewater.

"Avoiding garments treated with biocides is best. When washed, these biocides enter nature, potentially harming other organisms and promoting antibiotic resistance" says Margareta Daho, an inspector at the Swedish Chemicals Agency.

Unlike many other brands, we have chosen not to use antibacterial treatments in our products. Our menstrual underwear and cloth pads are entirely free from biocides and other antibacterial chemicals. We are proud that our menstrual protection products are unique on the market, as they can be washed at 60 degrees Celsius. This temperature is more than enough to ensure they are both clean and hygienic after each use.