Winner! Best Period Underwear

We are proud to present our highly rated period underwear that have been recognized as best in test by leading test panels. Our high-waisted period underwear have received top ratings for their superior quality, comfort, and absorption capacity.

Absorption Capacity

Our period underwear are designed to handle even the heaviest flows, with a capacity of up to 20 ml.


Made of 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane, our menstrual panties offer a comfortable fit that keeps you secure and protected all day and night.


Our period underwear maintain their shape and quality even after repeated washes, providing you with reliable and long-lasting protection. Our period underwear can be washed at 60 degrees Celsius, making us unique in the market. All period underwear and menstrual protection products are free from biocides, nanosilver, and antibacterial treatment.

Best Period underwear 2024 in Aftonbladet's large test of period underwear


Period underwear - High waist


Absorption capacity: 5
Comfort: 5
Content: 5
Appearance: 3

The winner of the competition has the highest waist. Yes, it's a bit too high even though it can definitely feel supportive. Brilliant absorption capacity – ten to eleven hours overnight without leaks during heavy periods. Felt quite heavy when it was time for a change and not a pair of panties one would want to carry around, use, in a handbag in town. Has a waterproof layer that is 100 percent polyester laminated with polyurethane (PUL), which is very similar to TPU, according to the Swedish Chemicals Agency.

Best period underwear 2023 in Expressen's test of period underwear


Period underwear - High waist


About the product

The high-waisted menstrual underwear from Imse comes with different absorption capacities, and the one in the test has the highest, which is designed for heavy flows, corresponding to a capacity of 20 ml. The underwear itself is made of 95 percent organic cotton and 5 percent elastane, the absorbing layer is entirely cotton, and the waterproof layer is made of polyester laminated with polyurethane. Available in rust red and black. Comes in sizes XS to XXL.


A pair of comfortable and soft underwear that stays in place day and night. They are slightly larger than other menstrual underwear in the test, which made some testers find them a bit bulky. The absorbing layer extends all the way up to the waistband both in the front and back, which made the testers feel secure. They were very reliable in quickly encapsulating the menstrual flow and holding it for a long time without leakage. The underwear maintains high quality and does not lose its shape after washing.

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