How does Period Underwear work?


Imagine a really nice pair of pants, that fit like a glove. Add to that an absorbent crotch area that takes care of your period, so you don’t need any other period protection. Et voilà! That’s period underwear!

Period underwear is a comfortable and gentle menstrual protection that you wash and reuse again and again. The absorbent function is sewn into the underwear and consists of several layers of organic cotton. Lastly, there is a leak-proof barrier so you can be confident that the period underwear won't leak. Our period underwear is unique on the market as they can withstand a 60-degree wash, are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX, and are manufactured in Europe. Additionally, they are completely free from biocides, nanosilver, and antibacterial treatment

Organic cotton that is gentle on your skin and mocous membranes

Imse’s assortment of period underwear is made from organic cotton. The pants themselves are made from 95% organic cotton, enriched with 5% elastic for added elasticity and resistance. All materials have been carefully selected with your body and the environment in mind.

Absorbent crotch area

The crotch of Imse’s period underwear contains a top layer made from 100% organic cotton which is extra gentle on your skin and mucous membranes, preventing irritation and imbalances in vaginal bacteria. The absorbent core is made up of several layers of organic cotton, followed by a leakage barrier of laminated polyester, so you can be sure your period underwear won’t leak.

Choose period underwear to suit your flow

Imse offers period underwear with three different absorbency levels - light, medium, and high. High absorption features both more layers within the absorbent core and more coverage at both the front and the back of the pants. Giving you the right coverage throughout your cycle!

5 ml - Equivalent to 1/2 disposable tampon/panty liner

Suitable for light menstruation, minor urine leakage, or as a complement to tampons or menstrual cups.


10 ml - Equivalent to 1 disposable tampon/pad

Suitable for the beginning or end of the period when the flow may be lighter.


15 ml - Equivalent to 2 disposable tampons/pads

Suitable for a medium menstruation in the middle of the cycle.


20 ml - Equivalent to 2-3 disposable tampons/pads

Suitable for protection at night but also during the day for those with a heavy flow.


How often do I need to change period underwear?

There is no simple answer - it is individual and depends on flow and the chosen absorption level in the underwear, but they usually last for 8-16 hours of use.

How many period underwear do I need?

If you are completely new to period underwear, our recommendation is to start with 2-3 pairs to find out what suits you best. Your flow and laundry facilities affect how many you need in total since a pair of period underwear can be used multiple times during one menstruation after washing.

Why do period underwear have different absorption levels?

We offer period underwear with four different levels of absorption. Higher absorption means more layers in the absorbent core and longer protection both in the front and back of the underwear. How much one bleeds is individual, but most people bleed between 40-100 ml during one full menstruation, approximately 1/2 dl - 1 dl.